Shrek the Musical - Stage Experience 2021

Aylesbury Waterside Theatre, in partnership with Vivo D’Arte, return for our fourth Stage Experience for young people aged 8 to 25 this August with “Shrek the Musical” following highly acclaimed productions of The Addams Family, Whistle Down the Wind and Oliver! The cast of local young people will get their time to shine performing the many stunning songs, superbly choreographed dance and with live orchestra creating a spectacular musical theatre production on our prestigious main stage this summer and will be sure to have their audiences enthralled. The stage experience runs from 9th to the 21st  August with performances 19th - 21st on the main stage at Aylesbury Waterside Theatre. To register for auditions and for information email: shrek@vivodarte.co.uk





VIVO D'ARTE SCHOOL OF THEATRE ARTS - Aylesbury Waterside Theatre

The Vivo D’Arte School of Theatre Arts in partnership with Aylesbury ATG Waterside Theatre opened in January 2019. In contrast to many traditional stage and theatre schools we propose a different, and we believe, uniquely exciting approach to theatre arts training. From the moment you begin the process with us at Vivo D’Arte, whether you are brand new or an experienced performer already, you will quickly realise that we work differently, and the set-up we have created closely emulates the realities of working within the theatre arts industry.

The school’s aim is not only to provide the highest quality training in the musical theatre acting disciplines, but also, to familiarise our performers with the workings, structure and professionalism required to work in a theatre company. This will be done through an exciting and interesting programme relevant to all ages, where everyone will have lots of fun and make friends along the way too! Our dedicated and experienced team of staff are also arranged with this theatre-based model in mind: Artistic Director, Resident Choreographer, Musical Director, Company Manager, Technical Support, etc.

Partnering with the ATG Aylesbury Waterside Theatre and having this as our regular rehearsal and performance space is a fantastic benefit to us as a company and for our performers. It is a multi award-winning theatre with beautiful, contemporary and invigorating spaces to use, whilst working alongside their hugely supportive management, administrative and front of house team of staff. Aside from the obvious benefits of being located within a large regional theatre, our partnership also includes exclusive member-access to a long list of theatre and performance-based opportunities including: live performances for local large-scale events, well-known festivals and fêtes, seasonal launches, galas and parades (e.g. Whizzfest, Live in the Park, Christmas Celebrations), meeting with industry-professionals and cast members, film and radio opportunities etc.

Lee Duffy, Aylesbury Waterside Theatre General Manager said:

We’ve been privileged to welcome lots of young performers over the last eight years to showcase their talent and get a first-hand experience of theatre, and for us this feels like the next natural step. Being able to nurture home-grown talent within our very own venue walls will be incredibly rewarding, and with Vivo D’Arte’s expertise and passion, the delivery is set to be second to none.’
Dan Cowtan Vivo D’Arte Managing Director said:
‘Vivo D’Arte have always been a committed theatre arts training and production company, however to be given the opportunity to grow our partnership with Aylesbury Waterside Theatre and open our new weekly School of Theatre Arts is extremely exciting. We always strive to give our performers the very best in industry training, insight and experiences, and with a superb team and venue behind this venture we know we can give even more young people this wonderful opportunity’.
To find out more and to register for an audition please email: theatreschool@vivodarte.co.uk and visit our website vivosota.co.uk
November 2019





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